The Crypto Sight (TheCryptoSight) is a digital media, events, and information services company for the cryptocurrency asset and blockchain technology community; and a member of the PUBLISH Alliance (a consortium of media enterprises, technology providers and academic institutions across the world). Our main goal is to convey truthful and unbiased information as we aim to bring honest news to our readers, and educate them about the most critical issues in the cryptosphere. The MEDIADOGE token has been issued to serve mission of its community and to strengthen its relationship with the content providers (such as news reporters) and readership.
MEDIADOGE token will be used as the global payments for advertising, paid articles, the Press Release coverage. In addition, the MEDIADOGE token is required for the special membership to gain access to premium content such as market report and data analysis
Buys Ads
View premium content
Payment for articles
For News coverage
Market report
NFT market
Total supply
MAX Circulating supply
BigBang Burn 20% to Boost
Buy Back - Burn
Distribution to holders
Marketing fee
Buy Back - Burn
Distribution to holders
Marketing fee
100% Fair Launch
No private sale, with an IDO in which anyone will be able to participate.
A revolutionary buy-back & burn mechanism, a nice incentive for token-holders.
100% tokens in Liquility Pool
LP locked for 6 months
Anti-Whales Limits: Maximum Sell Limit of 0.5% and Maximum Buy Limit of 2%
How to buy

Download Metamask or use an existing wallet.

Head to and download their wallet to your phone or chrome/firefox browser.

Add the BSC network to your metamask.

Open the metamask extention and open up "Main Network", select "Custom RPC" and put in the BSC network information.

Send BNB to your Metamask wallet.

Buy BNB on Binance and send it to your BSC address on Metamask.

Go to and make sure it's set to V2.

Pancakeswap is where you swap your BNB to MEDIADOGE.

Go to Trade, then select Exchange.

This is where you swap your BNB to MEDIADOGE.

Now select "Select a currency" and paste our contract address.

This is our contract address:0x02ad0cef7aa8d82174ee1704abe72392fc2b57ca

Adjust slippage to 12%.

Click on the settings tab next to "Exchange" and put 12% slippage.

Accept payment in Metamask wallet.

Enter the amount BNB you want to buy and swap. Metamask will pop up and accept the payment. Remember to have enough BNB for gas fees!

Make MEDIADOGE show up in your Metamask wallet.

Open your Metamask wallet and scroll down to the bottom. Click on add custom token and paste in our contract address. Click next & add.

A member of the PUBLISH ALLIANCE